At Kids Wealth International Club, Inc, our mission is: “To empower children to live a healthier financial future by giving them the tools to live a life of abundant wealth.”  From our office in Naperville, Illinois, we accomplish this through a series of fun and entertaining 2 and 5 day camps for children and teens ages 10 to 17.

Utilizing the latest accelerated learning techniques such as games, exercises, simulations and processes, campers become highly engaged in the programs while teaching kids about money in Naperville, or the surrounding communities. This results in a higher retention rate.  By teaching financial literacy literacy for kids early on, participants are much more likely to live a life of abundance, and avoid many of the treacherous pitfalls that come with mismanaged finances.

KWIC believes that by shifting how people think about money, we can shift where the world is going financially.  We teach children about money, how to make wise choices, and that they are responsible for their future.  We also believe that doing good works and masking a living are not mutually exclusive concepts.  One of the underlying principles we teach is the importance of giving back.  The more you give, the more you will ultimately receive.  As you can see, KWIC focuses highly on the mindset of children.

One of our valuable features is our online education club, KWICsite.  Here, children can play games online, get KWICKash and bid on prizes such as Wii, iPods and educational products with their KWICKash.  KWIC believes that through this continuity of education, kids will be able to practice what they have learned on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to give your children the best chance to grow into financial responsible adults through fun, accelerated learning call Kids Wealth International Club today and sign up for our next camp!


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