The Importance of Financial Literacy

Most of us were not taught anything about money from our family or in school.  We struggled early in life to figure everything out, not always with the greatest of success.   It is never too early to develop financial literacy for kids in the Naperville area and its surrounding communities.  Let’s face it, the alternative is learning the hard way later in life.

Kids Wealth International Club (KWIC) was created to fill the void and create financial literacy for kids and teens.  Teaching kids about money doesn’t have to be boring. Through our various camps, this is achieved in a way that is fun and exciting!  Your children will talk about the experience for years!

Here’s why financial literacy for kids is important:

  • Money is the main reason for divorce
  • Nearly ¾ of Americans live paycheck to paycheck
  • Very few high school graduates have basic financial literacy
  • Undergraduate debt continues to rise
  • College students’ credit card debt is out of control
  • More and more college graduates live with their parents
  • Students with financial literacy are less likely to declare bankruptcy later in life
  • 2/3 of Baby Boomers have insufficient funds to retire
  • Social Security is in peril
  • Most employees are now responsible for saving for their own future


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