The KWIC Money Camp is a two-day or five-day experience designed to provide hands-on experience through interactive games, exercises, simulations, and processes.  The camp stresses developing an abundant mindset and strong financial skills.

Kids will learn:

  • How to make, manage and multiply their money
  • How to think like and develop the habits of a wealthy person
  • How to develop passive income streams by investing in assets
  • The power of giving back and helping their communities
  • The habits of a millionaire
  • Wealth Nuggets™ such as “Pay Yourself First”
  • Their WEALTHY™ Blueprint
  • How to distinguish assets vs. liabilities
  • How to distinguish good debt vs. bad debt
  • About the economy
  • How their paycheck is allocated
  • The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki
  • How to balance a checkbook
  • 3 WEALTHY™ Pillars
  • How insurances work
  • Simple vs. Compound Interest
  • How money grows over time
  • The Concept of supply and demand
  • The Concept of risk vs. reward
  • Forecast Plan
  • …And much, much more!


Kids will learn how to think with a transformational mindset rather than a transactional mindset. Kids will learn how money works and why investing in assets is the key to long-term financial freedom.  A fun and special exercise will teach kids the importance of setting goals and why they are important.  Kids will play a game that teaches the language and vocabulary of money, as well as the concept that money is more than just a means to purchase products.  The four primary methods of earning money is introduced, and the pros and cons of each will be discussed.  Kids will also play a game that encourages quick thinking and adaptation by adding fun and unexpected twists to a well-known story.  To cap everything off, kids will play the World of Wealth Game™, an interactive game that teaches players how to generate a lifetime of passive income.



By registering for the 2 Day KWIC Money Camp, your child will receive:

  • A KWIC Bag with a Camp T-shirt and Calculator Inside ($47 Value)
  • Entrance to the Family Dinner Awards Ceremony – Spring 2013 ($120 Value)


  • A copy of my daughter’s book: “My wInner Self: How to Be a Winner From the Inside Out” (  ($15 Value)
  • A Copy of my book: “Entrepreneur Success Stories” ($47 Value)
  • A Chance to win an iPAD ($550 Value)


Camp Tuition:

KWIC Money Camp (2 Days) – $497 –> Ages 10-14 years old


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KWIC Money Camp (5 Days) – $797 –> Ages 10-14 years old


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