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Experiential membership offers all the core information on teaching your kids wealth principles that will stick with them for a lifetime and how they can apply these principles in today’s society

From the Desk of Melanie Jane Nicolas
Date: Tuesday, July 3, 2012


One of the greatest books I first read on my journey to entrepreneurship was the multi-million bestseller “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. In this book, one of his 17 principles was that of the Master Mind Principle. A Mastermind consists of 2 or more people who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose. Ideas will come thick and fast, attracted by the joint power manifested by all these individual minds in one accord.

  • Do you wish you learned about the real world before stepping into the real world with all the responsibilities that you are now living with on a day-to-day basis?
  • What if your child could spend 3 hours per month and learn exactly what it takes to be disciplined in the real world? What would 3 hours away from video games, television, the internet, and Angry Birds do to your child’s brain development? Do you think this dose of reality will have a significant impact when they start “working” out in the real world?
  • The Grocery Store, the Bank, the Mall, the Theatre, Arcades, Ice Cream Parlors, Church, Your Own Home – These are places we see on a regular basis and in each place lies specific wealth principles that can be applied to all other aspects of life.



I was born into a middle class family in Chicago, IL with my brother. Our parents taught us that getting a good education and a secure job is the secret to success.

Growing up I never had the mentors I have today. My mom was a nurse who worked long hours and my dad was an engineer, who later had his own construction business. He made a lot of money, but he didn’t really know how to manage or keep it. When it came to wealth and abundance, my parents only knew what they knew. Everything was just modeled to me. Yes, they modeled working hard for money, spending when money was abundant, stressing over money when there wasn’t enough, and finally, worrying about money so much that it lead to my dad’s heart attack.

I quickly found out that some of the habits they modeled were not a formula for success. At the same time, I picked up on some of those habits and sought out millionaires and financial experts to turn those habits around. I wish I had been taught how to mange money and create wealth earlier in life before I went to high school and college. I wouldn’t have to undo so many bad habits when the consequences of real life experiences where damaging. And that’s why I dedicated my life and passion of helping kids to mentoring them about money and wealth so that they don’t have to go through what I did.


Introducing: KWIC MINDS


The premise of KWIC MINDS is simple.

  • World of WeathTM (WOW) Tours – Each month, your child will go out in the real world with a group of kids and my KWIC Team and me and EXPERIENCE what it means to be in the real world. There will be one World of WealthTM (WOW) Topic associated with our destination ie. The bank, my real estate properties, the grocery store to understand how to shop, etc. I will teach your child wealth principles needed to live a life of abundance and critical to everyday life.
  • Pre-KWIC Minds WOW Webinars/Teleseminars – Of course, we will prepare you and your kids for the WOW Tours. So before we go out into the real world, you will participate in a LIVE World of WealthTM (WOW) session right over the internet/phone. This one hour training session focuses entirely on the World of WealthTM (WOW) Topic for the month, and I will answer any of your questions you may have regarding the WOW Tour.
  • Post-KWIC Minds WOW Webinars/Teleseminars – After we’ve gone out into the real world and experienced real life, I’m sure you and your kids will have a ton of questions on how to best utilize what you’ve learned. That’s where our Post- KWIC Minds WOW Webinars come in, so you will have all the support needed to put what you’ve learned to good use everyday.

The KWIC Minds Membership is the only coaching program your kids will ever need. Plus, if you ever miss a live training, you’ll have access to the online video AND mp3 recordings. NO STONE UNTURNED. ALL QUESTIONS ANSWERED. It’s informative and fun too.You get the real content. All live.


It comes down to my 10X Rule. When I set out to create KWIC Minds, I asked myself, “How can I create a program that will utilize all the wealth principles I teach kids at my camps that delivers 10 times the amount of value“? So, if people invest $100 per month, how can I deliver $1,000 (or more) worth of value? When you run a company based on that principle, everyone wins. And when your child becomes a part of our KWIC Minds on a monthly basis, you’ll feel the difference instantly.


  • -Exclusive KWIC World of WealthTM (WOW) Tours and all the materials (Every 3rd Saturday of each month, 11am-2pm)
  • -Lunch during the WOW Tours
  • -Pre and Post – KWIC Minds WOW Tour Webinars and Teleseminars (The Wednesday before and after the WOW Tour, Times TBD)
  • -Interactive Community (exclusive access to me)
  • -KWIC WOW Bag filled with Goodies and Awards
  • -You get complete access to me to discuss the wealth principles and my Personal Number – Call me anytime

And because I personally take your kids under my wings, your kids get specialized guidance (WOW Topics) in the following areas over the next 12 months:
Living Expenses, Financial Freedom, Savings, Education, Play, Donation, Negotiation, and more!!!*
*These topics are subject to change. KWIC Minds is customized towards the needs of the group and members within it.


The KWIC Minds dues are simple. It’s not the $300/month you’d expect to pay for LIVE training and “Real World” Tours from other Masterminds.

In fact, it’s just $97/month. You get 2 months FREE when you pay the one year commitment in full $970/year.

There are no “VIP” levels. EVERY MEMBER IS A VIP. Simple and refreshing – just the way it should be. All members get access to ALL training for just $97/month.

That comes to about $3.23 per day. That barely buys you a cup of coffee from Starbucks.


Try KWIC Minds on me. If, after 30 days you don’t feel this is the best investment in your kids future you’ve ever made – you’ll get every penny back. No questions. You get a full, prompt and friendly refund – and we part as friends. I have a strong feeling you are going to be blown away with KWIC Minds. All the pressure and risk is on me. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

Register your kids NOW! Due to the personal attention I give to your kids during KWIC Minds, I am capping the Mastermind at 12 kids! REGISTER NOW!

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