[K.W.I.C. Blog Post] My Passion and Purpose


So many parents ask me why I started Kids Wealth International Club. And so I am sharing my purpose and passion to answer this question.


During my road to entrepreneurship, I have had the pleasure of meeting so many people who are dedicated to bettering themselves. I noticed that we all had one thing in common…We all wished that we started our road to life long learning at an earlier age.


Now, I truly consider myself very blessed with success. I graduated with a Bachelors in Nursing, have invested in over 20 properties because my father was a builder, own a home care business, have trained with many millionaire mentors, and I’ve lead several entrepreneurial groups teaching the tools needed to become a successful entrepreneur. Being a mom of four beautiful children myself, I always yearned to educate myself to pass on my knowledge and wisdom to my children.


Success wasn’t always present in my family’s life though. Growing up, I never had the mentors I wished I had. My mom was also a nurse who worked long hours and just taught me to get a good education and a stable job. My dad, who did business, made lots of money but didn’t really know how to manage and keep it. I’ve seen the hard times my parents went through, their fights about money, the bankruptcies, and finally the heart attack that my dad went through from all the stress of money. And so in my early 20’s, I decided to work on my personal and business development. And because of my passion for kids, I took all the experience and knowledge I had and formed Kids Wealth International Club (KWIC). I thought, how fun and rewarding it would be to teach kids at an early age so that they don’t have to go through what I did.


In this economy, so many people associate money with stress — all the bills they have to pay, how expensive the cost of living is, how hard it is to “keep up” — and so they feel like they’re caught in an endless cycle they can’t get out of and money becomes something they resent. How can I stop this madness?


Education is the answer. And we need to start teaching our kids at an early age before they have to undo all the bad habits we as adults have. I dedicate my life from success to significance by touching the lives of a million kids. At KWIC, our mission is to empower children to a healthier financial future by giving them the tools so that they can live a life of abundant wealth. Instead of feeling stressed around money, I want your kids to come out of our camps feeling like they can use money as a tool to unlock the unlimited potential available to them. I want them to feel like anything is possible. And THIS is why I started Kids Wealth International Club.


For those of you who have entrusted your children to be a KWIC Kid, I thank you for our partnership. And for those of you who are new to KWIC, I hope that you will help us in our mission and be the CHANGE you want to SEE in your kids and make your kid a KWIC Kid.


To Our Wealth,

Melanie Jane Nicolas

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