Blog Post – Why we should teach kids about Financial Literacy – The F.O.G.™ (Financial Overwhelm Generation) Epidemic

Many parents ask me what inspired me to teach kids about finances. Let’s face it!

Every day, the abundance the world has to offer is for all to enjoy. But for millions of people in the Financial Overwhelm Generation, The FOG™, that abundance is eclipsed by debt, a situation that can actually be prevented. This is the worst generation that has ever existed. It is the Financial Overwhelm Generation, The FOG™. It is about people who are in complete Financial FOG™. They don’t know where they are going with their finances. I have dedicated my life to supporting this generation, working to shift the financial mindset and situation of The FOG™.

Here are some disturbing statistics:

  • 75% of households are broke
  • Less than 10% of high school students are taught about money before they graduate
  • More students are filing for bankruptcy than graduating from college
  • Consumer debt is more than $2.5 trillion. That’s $7,800 of debt per person
  • Number one reason for divorce is over money issues

Having 4 children myself, I don’t want my kids to go through many of the pitfalls I’ve been through. By teaching my kids finances before the outside (like credit card companies at the colleges) influences them, they will be able to make smart decisions when managing their hard earned money. Not only that, but they will also learn how to invest and multiply their money so that their money works hard for them. Imagine living a stress free financial life where your kids have the choice to Be, Do and Have all their hearts’ desires and work when they want to…not because they have to. By teaching kids finances at a young age, they will be well on their way to reach Financial Freedom!

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