This past week has been the most inspiring days of my life.  As many of you know, I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Top One Coaching family, and I just came back from Dallas at an event they provide twice a year called Mega Partnering, The World’s #1 Wealth Networking Conference.  To be in an environment with a common vision of entrepreneurial success, I yearned to share this experience with you, wishing you were there with me to experience all the greatness each individual had to offer.  To have conversations with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, and Eric Trump, who raised $650,000 for his foundation that helps kids with cancer, I did not want the event to end.


The best way I can share this experience with you is to share with you some of the words of wisdom the speakers had.  28-year-old Eric Trump, in particular, spoke about his principles to live by, with PASSION being the number one.  He said that without passion, one will not be successful to his capacity because he will give up at the first sign of challenge.  “If you don’t have passion, you’ll never be good at it.”  Here are Eric Trump’s principles, and I wish for you to utilize these principles in your journey in life as you see fit.


Eric Trump’s Principles to Live By

1.  There’s no substitute for Passion – “If you don’t have passion, you’ll never be good at it.”


2.  Create & protect your Brand – You stand for your brand in business and in your personal life.


3.  You don’t get anything you don’t ask for.  Negotiate EVERYTHING.  We are so scared of rejection and the word “no” because it is the first thing we learned as kids.  However, you will never know the answer unless you ask for it.  So don’t be scared of the word “no”.


4.  Go with your gut.  Have passion.


5.  Put up your guard.  Protect Yourself. – Whatever you have, there is always someone who wants what you have.  And instead of asking you how you achieved what you have, understand that he may “try” to bring you down.


6.  Fight to the death.


7.  Never let your emotions cloud your judgment.


8.  Think BIG!  Be a Winner! – Successful people always think big.  Donald Trump wrote the book on this – “Think Big.  Kick Ass.”


9.  Get EVEN! – It makes people less likely to do something to you again.  As you can imagine, many people tried to test Donald Trump by threatening to sue him.  They would ask him for $25,000 trying to convince him that it is cheaper to give them the money vs going to court.  Donald Trump would choose to go to court.


I hope this glimpse of Mega Partnering inspired your day.


To You and Your Kid’s Wealth, 
Melanie Jane Nicolas 
America’s Leading Authority In Raising Wealthy Kids 
CEO and Founder of Kids Wealth International Club
Helping Your Kids Get Rich in a Fun Way

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