Yesterday, I celebrated my 36th Birthday. Some friends took me out to dinner at Bob Chinn’s Crabhouse, where we feasted on three, 6 lb dungeness crabs.

As I sat there amongst my friends, for a minute I looked around the table and got a glimpse of what is most important in my life. You see, having four kids in school and what seems to be 20 different activities, a large extended family, many friends from different walks of my life, and a business to run, sometimes I get too caught up in my never-ending to do lists. Then there’s this over-achieving, control freak inside me that “needs” to have things done right away the right way. I always want to produce!

And sometimes, I feel that just relaxing, having fun outside of my kids, or even just sitting around makes me feel unaccomplished. However, in that minute of silence (to me at least) during my birthday dinner, I realized that having fun with friends and family or sitting around and doing “nothing” is producing. It is producing intimacy and friendships. I told my friend that turning 36 wasn’t too exciting for me because I know it’s past the halfway mark to 40. Yet, I can honestly say that “I am loving life.”

I am loving life not because of the monetary and superficial accomplishments, but because of the relational accomplishments I have had throughout the years. My mom once told me when I was 9 years old that in a lifetime, one is blessed with only one or two TRUE friends. You know, the friends who are there for you and love you no matter what. The friends who won’t question your integrity or character when other people try to make you look bad by making false statements. The friends who applaud you when you are successful and encourage you when you think you’ve failed. The friends who will stick up for you when the mass is against you. You know who I’m talking about. Well, I am blessed with more than two true friends, and so I consider myself one of the “lucky” ones. 

So as my kids grow up with the outside influences of the world, I wish for them to learn early in life that life is about the quality of relationships they cultivate. It is not about the materialistic things they have, nor is it even about the success they create in their lives. Life is about living a life from success to significance. Significance is where the true riches are. Whereas the 3 F’s in success is fame, fortune, and fans, the 3 F’s in significance is faith, family, and friends. And I wish for you and your children not only a successful life, but a life of significance as well. As parents, let’s work together in creating a life of significance for the future of our world…our children. 

To You and Your Kid’s Wealth, 
Melanie Jane Nicolas 
America’s Leading Authority In Raising Wealthy Kids 
CEO and Founder of Kids Wealth International Club
Helping Your Kids Get Rich in a Fun Way

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